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The Soleus – The Key to Your Running Success?.

Up to 56% of regular recreational long distance >3km runners will sustain a running-related injury each year. Injuries to the lower leg in long-distance runners are common, with recent research showing that they account for up to 32.2% of all leg injuries. Due to the nature of the muscle, soleus injuries are commonly caused by muscle fatigue. Sean Fyfe sheds light on the best way to rehabilitate and prevent future recurrence of soleus muscle injuries in distance runners. There are many causes of calf pain in runners. However, when the most obvious causes are eliminated and pain still persists, therapists may be left scratching their heads. If. Although you have been working on strength, there may be a focal weakness creating an abnormal running gait. To stretch and strengthen the soleus, exercises should be performed with the knee bent.

Many forefoot runners who’ve switched from heel strike running experience soleus pain. This is common and occurs because the soleus muscles are NOT used the same way in heel strike running as they are in forefoot strike running. In heel strike running, much of the mechanical output comes from the. Although often an initial difficult diagnosis, soleus syndrome is a common running injury that if addressed early, can have a quick recovery without significant loss in training. The following clinical presentation helps to illustrate that early intervention and specific therapy can effectively recover this injured tissue and return the athlete.

I have been struggling with a calf injury for the last 8 months roughly. The problem is isolated to my left soleus muscle. It hurts when I run but only after a couple of miles. Stumbled across your article on Compression Garments and embedded was this piece on the Anatomy of a Soleus Injury. I started having calf pains while training for a half marathon like yourself and I guess I over did my training, but chalked the injury up as just running pains since it was not debilitating. I no newbie to muscle injuries, so I. i am keen to try this as i am just trying to return to running following an overuse injury to my soleus. At present the area is still sore when I do my run/walk and the following rest day. would you advise that I do this every day even though I am sore or to do it on a rest day until the tenderness subsides. Keen to build up strength again.

One of these is which part of the muscle was injured. Central soleus muscle injuries typically take longer to heal than injuries to the lateral or medial part of the muscle and reinjury is common. Because of this, you should not resume your pre-injury level of activity until your soleus muscle has completely healed. To us minutes, miles, and heartbeats are more than just tiny digits on a wristwatch. Explore our full collection of GPS, Running, and HRM watches. 22.07.2015 · Soleus muscle injuries are common in different sports disciplines. The time required for recovery is often difficult to predict, and reinjury is common. The length of recovery time might be influenced by different variables, such as the involved part of the muscle. Injuries in the central. Gastroc. has two heads to it and crosses both the ankle and knee joints – this makes it somewhat vulnerable to injury. Injuries to soleus are far more rare. In one study of 141 cases referred for ultrasound after calf strain just 1 had a soleus tear while 94 had gastroc injuries. Traumatic calf injury. Soleus complex injuries are typically due to overuse mechanism and occur due to repetitive dorsiflexion of the ankle with the knee bent such as with uphill running. Due to being an overuse injury, soleus strains are usually reported as having a slow, insidious onset. However, acute injuries can occur in fatigued runners and once again usually.

The soleus bears a lot of load during running, much more than the larger gastrocnemius muscle. The soleus is also often called the skeletal-muscle pump because it, along with the help of other calf muscles, pump deoxygenated blood back from your legs to your heart. For runners the soleus: The soleus propels us forward during running and walking.

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